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Paternity and Legitimation Lawyers Stockbridge & Atlanta

Henry County family attorneys helping clients establish legal father-child relationships

There are a number of legal issues ― support, custody and visitation ― that arise when a child is born to parents who are not married. Our caring family attorneys have a depth of knowledge of Georgia paternity and legitimation laws, and we help you understand how they apply to your particular situation. We are here to help you accomplish your legal goals.

The legitimation process

We have experience in representing mothers and fathers who want to establish the paternity of their child through the legal process of legitimation. In this process, the Georgia courts declare your child legitimate, specify your child’s name and order the child and father capable of inheriting from each other. An order of legitimation enables:

  • A legal relationship between a father and a child
  • An unmarried father to gain custody or visitation rights
  • An unmarried mother to obtain child support

In Georgia, DNA tests or having your name on the birth certificate alone does not grant biological fathers custody or visitation rights or give mothers the right to attain support from biological fathers ― this only happens through legitimation. We guide unmarried mothers and fathers through each step of the process.

Experienced representation for your paternity and legitimation matters in Henry County

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