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Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers Stockbridge & Atlanta

Helping Georgia grandparents attain their rights

Grandparents play in an important role in a child’s life. If you are a grandparent and want either visitation, custody or adoption rights in Georgia, the Stockbridge family lawyers at Meadows, Macie & Sutton, P.C. can help you understand the law governing grandparents’ rights in Georgia, the legal process you will have to undertake and your legal options. We know how to build strong cases to give you the best chance of asserting your interests and maintain a special relationship with your grandchild.

If a grandparent feels that the parents are damaging the health and well-being of the child, then that grandparent can file an action in court or intervene in an existing action to determine custody or visitation rights, termination of parental rights, divorce or adoption.

We can assist you in building a strong case in seeking court orders for the following:

Visitation rights

Parents have total discretion in determining visitation time between children and their grandparents. Sometimes circumstances arise in a family causing grandparents to seek visitation rights, including:

  • One parent dies and grandparents have little or no contact with their grandchild
  • Parents are separated or divorced and the parent with primary custody refuses to allow grandparents’ contact with the grandchild

Unless the parents agree to visitation, grandparents must be able to show that the grandchild will suffer harm if denied visitation. The court will grant a grandparent’s request for reasonable visitation if it finds:

  • A child’s health or welfare will be harmed if the court denies the request
  • The visitation is in the child’s best interests

Custody rights

Grandparents can be awarded custody, but custody can be difficult to obtain. You can be granted custody rights when the actions of both parents are shown as detrimental to the child, including:

  • Child abuse
  • Habitual drug abuse
  • A history of crime and violence by the parents
  • Parent with primary custody neglects or cannot care for the child

Experienced representation helping Georgia grandparents assert their rights

When you need compassionate and strong representation to assert your rights and to protect the interests of your grandchild, call Stockbridge & Atlanta family law and divorce lawyers at Meadows, Macie & Sutton, P.C. at 770-450-1921 or contact our firm online to schedule an appointment.