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Client Testimonials

As a U.S Marine I have had many challenges in my life and it hurts to admit that a divorce is the one thing that almost killed me.  It was that feeling along with other Marines telling me to hire an attorney that lead to me meeting and hiring Terri Sutton at Meadows and Macie P.C. Like most people I was afraid and embarrassed to be going through this but she assured me that she would fight on my behalf because at that point I was willing to give away everything I had worked for in order for the divorce to move forward and end.  I choose Ms. Terri Sutton for one reason really. The fact that she didn’t promise anything but instead informed me of how bad things could get. She made it a point for me to understand that divorces are personal and can get very ugly.  It was that understanding that told me she prepares as if she was on the attack by understanding the weaknesses in any and all cases. She made it a point to brief me weekly and as things occurred. At times things became overwhelming and Terri would console me by explaining that all the actions being taking on both sides are normal. Terri would even find time to let me vent which I do not understand how she did it till this day. Overall once the divorce was said and final Terri had delivered on her word. She had successfully protected my career as a U.S. Marine, my retirement accounts, my trademarks for Sacrifice clothing line, my vehicles and most of all she earned me the right to be a father through the week. Ms. Terri Sutton made it so I could take my child to my home two days out of the week and earned me the right to take her to school the following mornings. All I had expected to get was every other weekend as a father but I received that plus more. This was something I never thought of or asked Ms. Terri Sutton to do. So I must say this much; She truly listened to me vent about my pain and decided that she would make sure I could be involved in my child’s life as much as possible. For that I am most grateful. I just hope that whoever reads this and wonders if Ms. Terri Sutton and her staff are right for the job the answer is always “Yes”. If you want someone who truly cares enough to fight when you have already given up and you feel there may be no hope then Ms. Terri Sutton is proven to turn things around in your favor. If you are still not sure just think of this. I am a U.S. Marine and there are not many things that can bring me to my knees but  Ms. Terri Sutton and her staff are stronger in your time of need. God Bless!

4-2-2013 5.0 out of 5.0
1. Terri was very professional, attentive and understanding about my case. She helped me understand my rights and choices I had to make during my difficult time. During my case all my questions, meeting and concerns were answered by her. Terri would be the first Lawyer I would recommend for family law in Henry County.

4-1-2013 5.0 out of 5.0
2. Terri was my attorney during my divorce process and she continues to be during my present child custody hearings. I find her to be honest, experienced and always fighting for what is in my best interest and that of my children. In fact, had I listened to her advice during my divorce I would not have had to go back to court? I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a high powered attorney who sees the big picture and prepares you for the situation that lies ahead with confidence.

3-29-2013 5.0 out of 5.0
3. Mrs. Sutton is an excellent attorney. She is very intelligent, knowledgeable and trusting. Mrs. Sutton is the absolute best in Family Law! I would recommend her services to anyone who requires legal assistance.

3/29/13 4.5 out of 5.0
For cases as painful as divorce and child custody, Terri S. Sutton provided the balance of understanding the laws and compassion to the situation. She provided support, not just related to my divorce, but also to the individual going through such a difficult process. She deals with divorce daily, but I don’t and it is her compassionate practices and heavy knowledge of the law which provides the perfect balance. She is aggressive when she needs to be and fair when the situation calls for it.

3-28-2013 5.0 out of 5.0
4. I have already referred clients to Terri Sutton in which have also become clients. I knew the moment I took my convoluted case to Terri, she didn’t even have to look anything up, she just stated facts and laws and gave me real life worst’s and bests. I knew right then she was the lawyer I needed. She did not prejudge me based on the case. She chose to listen to the facts and make her decision based on education and experience… I can tell you my kids and I would not be where we are today without.

3-28-2013 5.0 out of 5.0
5. Terri was very thorough and did not get intimidated by the situations she had to handle at any time. She took the time to understand the case, the background and to explain to me the process, what was needed and what was expected from me in court. Very patient and responsive. She changed firms in the middle of my process and I followed her to her new firm. That is how much I valued her service and experience. 

3.28-2013 5.0 out of 5.0
6. Have unfortunately had a few occasions to need a family lawyer. Amongst those that I have consulted with Terri S. Sutton, Esq. ranks as one of the best. She was knowledgeable, but down-to-earth and compassionate. She was not the least bit patronizing, as some of the lawyers I have dealt with have tended to be. She was very gentle with me, but firm and unflinching in a courtroom setting. She also goes above and beyond the call of duty to have her facts in order. She’s the Best