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Does Georgia Private Adoption Involve Less State Intervention than Agency Adoption?

Adoption is a lifetime gift to both the adoptive family and child — but only with careful planning and forethought. While the process may differ in certain details depending on the type of adoption, Georgia law requires state intervention to protect the children. However, the process also helps ensure a successful bond between the child and your family. Experienced Georgia adoption lawyers can help you learn what to expect and guide you through each step of whichever process you choose.

Adoptions within families ¾ such as stepparents formally adopting the children of spouses or individuals seeking to adopt orphaned or abandoned children of family members ¾ undergo a notably different legal process than other types of adoptions. However, the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) at the Georgia Department of Human Services requires most prospective adoptive parents to undergo a seven-step process that involves detailed interviews, training, home visits and trial placements before courts can finalize adoption. This is the case for both private and agency adoptions.

Different legal issues can arise in private adoptions, such as ensuring the termination of rights of the natural parents and often including giving those parents the choice of which family ultimately adopts the child. In addition, private Georgia adoptions can address issues in which natural parents continue to maintain some form of relationship with the child through open adoption. Your best alternative in any adoption involves recognizing that state involvement in the process does not represent intervention so much as it provides adoptive families and children with the resources needed to successfully build a successful and happy family.

The family law team at Meadows & Macie, P.C. considers it an honor to play a role in bringing happiness to families and children through the adoption process. We recognize that every situation has unique aspects, and we help you understand the legal details that can make a difference in the decisions you make along the way.