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Do Families Fare Better with Negotiated Divorces instead of Courtroom Divorces?

Many details go into making the decision to negotiate an uncontested divorce settlement out of court, but this approach can provide many benefits under the right circumstances. A frank discussion with an experienced attorney at a Henry County family law firm can help you make this important decision by assessing your situation and educating you on all your options.

To get an idea of how divorce works in Georgia and the issues you need to negotiate, you can review the divorce pamphlet offered by the State Bar of Georgia. However, while this overview information can provide a high-level understanding, the real issue involves the ability of both spouses to negotiate a fair settlement. The good news is that most couples can reach agreement — particularly when they understand the benefits of negotiation, including the following:

  • Reduced costs in most cases
  • The ability to have greater control over the settlement issues
  • A potentially better experience for the children due to more cooperative attitudes between their parents

As long as both parties have the willingness to come to agreement, an experienced Georgia divorce lawyer can guide them through negotiations using the most appropriate alternate dispute resolution method. Divorce mediation may represent the most common method used to negotiate divorces. However, with the right level of commitment, spouses may find even greater benefits through collaborative divorce, which enlists a team of professionals to find creative solutions to all settlement issues.

The Henry County family law team at Meadows & Macie, P.C. brings impressive credentials to clients entering into divorce. In addition to an attorney with nearly three decades of family law experience and former Chair of the Family Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association, another partner is a skilled collaborative lawyer with prior experience as a family therapist.